I love leather maybe I am even in love with this material and here that is where it all started, the touch, smell and the way in which the leather changes and reforms it self.

Leather, quality, accurate design, simplicity, classics- all these represent Efika's handbags.

Efrat Baruchi is a graduate of jewerly and fashion accessories department in Betzalel
college in Jerusalem.

Efrat's passion to leather and the dialogue between them over the years led to the founding
of "Efika" in 2001.

A woman's handbag is a significant part of the over all clothing. Thus it is most important that the handbag matches the woman who wears / carries it just as much as other clothes do.

This is Efika's concept as well as the guiding line in its design, production and marketing.

In order to create a harmonious combination between shape and comfortability there has been invested a lot of thinking regard the smart shape which has to be.

Not only practical but also not too sophisticated. All mentioned above in addition to the attention to the smallest details and the high quality leather create the bags classical appearance which is also special and makes a statement.

The cooperation and personal relationship between Efrat's equisite design and Matzliah family factory's experience and proficiency, produces high quality bags which are sold all over the world, you can find these stylish bags in fashion boutiques as well as in unique handbags stores.

The quality of both the leather and the handbags careful production methods will maintain its beauty and unique style.